After a two-year closure for refurbishing, the Anne-Marie Veder residence reopened on September 1st, 2012 to accommodate 93 men and women from all over the world with different cultures and traditions. These residents–whose ages range from 18 to 25, are in Paris to study very diverse subjects. During the summer, students, trainees and tourists of all ages are put up for shorter periods.

Cinéma à proximité

The residence is ideally located near schools and universities, Metro and Vélib stations, banks and insurance companies, shops, theatres and cinemas.

Inspired by the Protestant ethic, but run in a secular way, it welcomes all its members in a spirit of tolerance, mutual acceptance, open-mindedness and respect.

Each student learns to become self-sufficient and responsible. A spacious kitchen and a dining room located in the basement are at the residents’ disposal. They can prepare their own meals and receive a few friends there or in the patio. In the rooms, however, it is forbidden to invite non-residents. The consumption of spirits is also prohibited in the residence.

Each resident enjoys free, unrestricted access, and is responsible (deposit required) for his/her bunch of keys which includes a swipe card for the main entrance door, and keys for the room and locker. Each resident is responsible for the cleaning of his/her room (vacuum cleaner and bucket available)

Two people take turns supervising the residence at night (from 7 pm to the next morning), during weekends and holidays.

Cinéma à proximité
Métro Convention
Vélib en bout de rue