Mr Louis Veder , who had Dutch origins and became a Frenchman, was a hard-working, upright man who created an insurance company in 1925.

His wife, who had been born Russian, became French and Protestant by marriage.

Their daughter Anne-Marie was born in 1929.

This only child was the focus of her parents’ love and care. Intelligent and independent, she graduated from high school. Unfortunately, she was suddenly taken from her family’s affection by accidental death in 1949, just before her 20th birthday.

After this tragic loss, Mr and Mrs Veder spent more time in their parish of the Foyer de l’Ame. They became more aware of other people’s problems and did their best to help them.

Mr Veder died in 1964 and his wife in 1967. They are buried with their daughter in the Père Lachaise cemetery.

Plaque de la fondation Anne-Marie Veder

In accordance with her husband’s will, Mrs Veder bequeathed most of their estate to the parish to buy, build or create a residence for young Protestant women students or workers , that was to be named ANNE-MARIE VEDER foundation.

The U.C.J.F, a Protestant association created in 1911 and involved in providing accommodation for young women in the rue de Naples in Paris was contacted in 1971-72.

In 1974, the rue Blomet project was implemented and the « Anne-Marie Veder residence” opened in 1976.