Two mixed residences for students in Paris

UCJF (WMCA) has two mixed residences in Paris and can welcome you for the academic year or for short stays.

Our rooms

Our two residences offer single and double rooms. The rue de Naples residence also includes triple rooms.

Common areas

Our two residences include many common areas, encouraging communal life (picture : Anne-Marie Veder residence)

The Convention metro station, Paris

Our two residences are close to subway and / or bus. Here the Convention metro station (line 12), near the Anne-Marie Veder residence.

Parc Monceau, Paris

Our two residences are located in the heart of Paris, and allow you to take full advantage of Paris attractions. Here the Parc Monceau, near the rue de Naples residence.

UCJF (YWCA) has two mixed residences, Naples and Anne-Marie Veder, both located in Paris.

Rue de Naples residence (8ème arr.)

UCJF (YWCA), an association with Protestant origins, offers accommodation in the heart of Paris to young people from all over the world. During the academic year it is open to students between 18 and 25; during the summer holidays it welcomes trainees or tourists without age restrictions. [Read more …]

A.M Veder residence (15ème arr.)

After a two-year closure for refurbishing, the Anne-Marie Veder residence reopened on September 1st, 2012 to accommodate 93 men and women from all over the world with different cultures and traditions. These residents–whose ages range from 18 to 25, are in Paris to study very diverse subjects. During the summer, students, trainees and tourists of all ages are put up for shorter periods. [Read more …]